Charming Place: amada Carlota

At Amada Carlota Hotel Rural everything is freshly new and modern; except the views, which are millions of years old. This delightfully chic little hotel has been built high in the Asturian mountains in the hamlet of La Cotariella, carefully positioned to take full advantage of the amazing surroundings and the utter solitude.

It really is just about impossible to do justice to the scenery with words, and even photographs struggle to convey the majesty of this great range of mountains that is strung out along the northern fringes of Spain. To sit outside on those verdant lawns with the sun blazing down, looking down on the clouds lying in the valleys below, is an experience not to be missed.

The contrast between the mountains outside and the stylish modern decor of the interior is striking. Everything seems perfectly designed, yet retains a comfortably informal air.

Just six bedrooms are available for guests, each one offering a slightly different interior and a different aspect on the views outside.

Naturally the restaurant looks out on those same magnificent views. Meanwhile the cuisine is as tasteful and modern as the rest of the hotel, and always includes good vegetarian dishes.
Reservations are necessary to enable the kitchen to always work with market-fresh ingredients.